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It is generally known that in challenging times the competition tightens, and companies focusing on costs of operation will stand a better chance of running their business as profitable.
Looking at best practices in oil maintenance make good sense since studies show that 80% of oil related machinery breakdowns are due to contaminated oil.
Machines using oil for power transfer or lubrication are highly dependent on the condition of the oil. Oil comes into contact with all system components, and should be regarded as important as the blood in our bodies. Maintaining oil performance and machine components at their best is therefore vital.

The primary objective of keeping oil free from contaminants in a hydraulic or lubrication system is optimum protection of machine components so that reliability and function is ensured. The consequential costs of breakdown and loss of production are often very high. A malfunctioning servo valve in a hydraulic system can easily stop an entire production line.

The secondary objective is to reduce running costs by extending the lifecycle of all system components - and the oil itself. This ensures optimum economical performance in relation to the system's production performance.
This is what CleanOilCon is all about – consulting companies and helping them to reduce costs by optimizing their oil maintenance program.
As a license partner of Noria Corporation we have access to the best and most advanced material when it comes to training and consulting.

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