About CleanOilCon

CleanOilCon is a training & consulting company representing Noria Corporation in Scandinavia as their licensed partner. Noria Corporation is the world’s largest unbiased consulting group offering oil maintenance training. They offer 20 seminars worldwide per year and publish the magazine ”Machinery Lubrication Magazine”, as well as several web-based newsletters e.g. ”Lube Tips”.

CleanOilCon is represented in Scandinavia by Steffen D. Nyman who has been cooperating with and trained by Noria Corporation, Tulsa, OK, USA, since 2012.
Steffen earned his B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering degree in 1996 with specialty in power generation. He was in technical sales for three and a half years before he realized that training was his calling. For more than 17 years, he has been responsible for developing and conducting technical training and documentation for sales, service and technical staff at Alfa Laval, Grundfos and C.C.JENSEN.

Steffen D. Nyman is a certified ICML Machinery Lubrication Technician II and Lubrication Analyst I as well as 4-MAT trainer in adult teaching skills. He has conducted hundreds of customized seminars in understanding oil maintenance, analysis and filtration technologies for the Marine, Mining, Power, Off-Shore and Wind industries.

CleanOilCon has the Noria license partnership in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Can assist with training in: Germany and the UK
Training and consulting is presented in Danish or English.